As Uysal Holding, we operate in ten different sectors with different dynamics, including education, health, finance, real estate, agriculture, energy, defense industry and information technologies, with our many organizations and employees from different geographies.

The most fundamental point of our operation in different sectors is the sustainable importance given to human resources. In today’s world, where technological developments are of great importance, understanding the expectations of young generations and opening more qualified areas for them is one of our priorities.

Our group, which continues its activities within the framework of the Sustainable Social Benefit paradigm; It works with a business culture that adopts new generation production approaches such as technology-oriented education, renewable energy, smart agriculture, robotic surgery and digital transformation. In the light of this information, our basic working principles are; focuses on innovation, sustainability and collaboration.

Our primary goal in our fields of activity is to provide social, environmental and economic sustainability while using today’s resources by prioritizing the responsibility of future generations. For this purpose, we consider Social Innovation and Social Responsibility projects as the mainstream and attach importance to interdisciplinary activities.

When our technological experience, international solution partners and multidisciplinary work areas are evaluated in an integrated manner, we carry out studies that will be beneficial for the Turkish economy in particular and the global economy in general.

In line with the domestic and national economic activities we implement, we are working hard to ensure that the Turkish Economy is included in the category of economies with high global competitiveness by contributing to sustainable employment, economic growth and development.

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