Believing that education is the critical success factor for our country to achieve sustainable competitiveness on an international scale, our Holding attaches great importance to the education of young generations. In this context, the youth of our country; We work with all our strength so that they can be responsible, creative, highly qualified and representative individuals who can constantly incorporate innovations into their working and production processes. Our Holding, which observes the principle of raising the education of the young generations in our country above international standards and raising our young people better in every field, has made it a priority to understand the expectations of the young generations and to open more qualified areas for them in today’s world where technological developments are of great importance.

Our Holding, which is the founder of many educational initiatives at different levels in line with these values, continues its activities in close cooperation with many educational institutions as listed below.

Our Organizations Operating in the Sector


In order for people, who are the most important and valuable assets of nations, to take part in economic functions effectively and efficiently, first of all, health conditions should be improved and health standards should be increased in parallel. It is obligatory for countries that attach importance to development policies to improve health services that are needed by development studies and related to the human element.

In the context of these requirements, our Holding has adopted the principle of contributing to the development of medical facilities at the point of providing up-to-date, preventive and curative health services with healthcare professionals who are experts in their fields, adhering to ethical principles in line with a multidisciplinary understanding of quality and service. In this context, we continue our activities by prioritizing the inclusion of new generation technologies in health service production processes.

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Households, companies operating in domestic and foreign markets, and many central and local public institutions operate in the financial markets for their various activities. Here, it is of great importance to bring together the economic units that have surplus funds and those that have a shortage of funds in an efficient financial market. In addition, while providing financial services, risk management for each party of the financial service offered and certain transactions must be guaranteed.

Banks, which are an important part of the financial system, mediate the flow of funds by providing loans to individuals and institutions in need. Loans given to customers are an important asset item for banks. However, it is known that banks on a global scale face major problems in the collection process of these loans. This increase in the level of non-performing loans carries a great risk for banks, the financial sector and the country’s economy in general. Our holding continues its activities in the field of Asset Management with an experienced team in order to provide financial benefits to the parties by being involved in the risk management processes in the financial system.

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Technological studies are of critical importance for the sustainability of economic activities in a country and for increasing the international competitiveness of the country’s economy. In addition, it provides great support to development moves by creating social and cultural effects. In this direction, our holding has established a Technology Center both to realize its own initiatives and to host the initiatives of many different investors.

Technology Centers, creating an environment for university-industry cooperation, where the innovative sector will operate, to increase employment, whose quality is at the forefront; economically to technology-based entrepreneurship, development of new technologies, commercialization of new products developed; contributes to the development of local, regional and national economy. In the cultural sense, it contributes to the formation of innovation, R & D and entrepreneurship culture by creating an ecosystem where innovations are constantly produced and developed and how they can be done more efficiently.

Our Holding provides 360 degree Project Cycle service by creating a comprehensive Life Science Center with its Technology Center and Smart Technopark. It is aimed to realize the Smart Technopark concept with a design that feeds from digital transformation and sustainable development paradigms. Within the scope of the New Generation Technology Center, where venture/project evaluation teams, national and international venture/project market and venture/project financing resources will be presented within the same concept, Network Consultancy is provided to all startups on a global scale by providing guidance at every stage from the establishment.

Our Organizations Operating in the Sector

  • NEV TechnoPark


In order to increase productivity in the agricultural sector, techniques that enable soil and product management, more economical use of resources and minimizing the damage to the environment are of great importance on a global scale. In this context. With smart agriculture, it is necessary to ensure that the inputs applied in agricultural production are used where and when they are needed. Smart agriculture aims to prevent waste of resources, to increase the gross return of the product and to minimize the environmental pollution caused by production with the use of improved information and control systems. It is also aimed to provide a more effective information flow based on software infrastructures for business and aquaculture decisions with smart agriculture and to create a record order in agriculture.

In this framework, the structure and needs of the sector were evaluated, and the dynamics of the agricultural sector, both domestic and abroad, were examined and the effects of agricultural technologies on the competitiveness of the country’s economy were investigated. The experiences of our holding in the agricultural sector and these researches were measured and it was ensured that it started its activities in the Smart Agriculture sector.

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  • TooPark


Although there are many items in achieving sustainable competitiveness in economic activities in agriculture, industry, services and trade sectors, the most basic item is energy. On the one hand, energy supply and demand, which are economically important, are of great importance in terms of sustainable public health and public safety. In the light of this information, the need for renewable energy studies on a global scale clearly emerges.

Within the scope of the International Energy Agency data, the production volume of renewable energy sources in the world constitutes approximately one third of the total energy production volume. When the investment plans for the future in the context of renewable energy are evaluated, the ratio of the installed power of renewable energy resources on a global scale to the installed power of total energy resources is expected to reach 38 percent in 2025 and 50 percent by 2030.

The importance of green energy on a global scale is increasing day by day. Although green energy has been stated as the expansion of energy production from renewable energy sources, especially in Turkey and in the world in general, decarbonization investments and related transformation studies are at the forefront of the rising trends in this field. Our holding continues its investments in the renewable energy sector within the framework of sustainability values, both to ensure efficiency in economic activities and to increase national welfare.

Our Organizations Operating in the Sector

  • UK Energy

Real estate

Especially in the construction and infrastructure sector, which has become the favorite of many corporate and individual investors, it is necessary to dominate the domestic and foreign market elements at the point of making successful investment decisions. The momentum gained by construction and real estate investments in Turkey’s rapidly developing economy in recent years is remarkable. Sustainable demand for the real estate sector and sector-based developments offer significant opportunities for both resident and foreign investors.

Our companies operating in Turkey and Dubai within the body of our holding, while trying to meet the needs of the domestic market, continue to achieve significant success in many countries of the world. Our team, which has achieved significant success in the real estate sector, produces 360-degree solutions by carefully following the current position and development of this sector, whose performance is related to internal and external developments and has complex problems, with its staff who are experts in their fields and have a good command of the dynamics of the sector.

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Defense Industry

Compared to many other types of industries, the defense industry is one of the leading industries with special structures in both supply, production and sales processes. When the global defense industry is examined, it is seen that some countries have an export-intensive foreign trade structure and some countries have an import-intensive foreign trade structure. Here, it is of great importance that commercial transactions are carried out in line with Total Security Systems Management in order to increase the competitive power of our country in a sustainable way.

In the light of this information, our Holding takes the National Technology Move as its focal point, exports original products for the communication, security, transportation and automation technology requirements of domestic and foreign need authorities in the field of defense industry, and establishes partnerships in global markets by establishing cooperation models with many resident organizations. is building.

Our Organizations Operating in the Sector

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